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Roaming Photo Booth Rentals

Capture all the joyous moments of your event with ease and convenience with our roaming photo booth rental service. Our friendly and professional attendants will travel throughout your venue with the roaming photo booth in hand, allowing your guests to take their pictures from wherever they may be. This mobile photo booth is designed to give your guests the freedom to snap photos without feeling limited by stationary fixtures.

Experience the Roaming Photo Booth Difference

Experience the excitement of capturing memories at the moment with the Roaming Booth, a photo booth experience unlike any other! Unlike traditional stationary photo booths, the roamer isn’t restricted to just one area of your event. It travels throughout your venue, allowing you and your guests to capture photos and memories wherever the action happens. This roaming photo booth rental is perfect for outdoor events with its versatility and flexibility. From weddings to corporate functions, the roaming photo booth provides a unique and exciting event experience that your guests will never forget.

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How does the roaming photo booth work?

The roaming photo booth is an innovative solution for any event where guests crave the opportunity to capture those precious, fleeting moments. Equipped with state-of-the-art photo roamer hardware, this portable, hand-held photo booth is a game-changer in event photography. With its built-in sharing station, guests can take professional-quality photos and instantly send them to themselves via email or text. Adding a digital overlay or watermark is a seamless process that can help tailor the branding to your marketing objectives or event theme. When you choose a roaming photo booth rental service, you can be confident that you’re offering an experience that is both unique and memorable.

What does the roaming photo booth include?


With our comprehensive package, you’ll receive a professional photographer who will capture stunning stills, creative GIFs, and captivating boomerangs. Each photo will be customized with your event name and logo, and guests can easily share their images via email or SMS. And the best part? You’ll have a beautifully designed online photo gallery where you can browse and download all of your favorite shots. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your event with a roaming booth experience that your guests won’t forget!

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Where is the roaming photo booth used?

Everywhere! Our unique approach to capturing memories is perfect for events of all kinds, from festivals to weddings, football games, concerts, or corporate events. Guests will be captivated by the mobility and creativity of our roaming photo booth, offering not just photos but also animated gifs and boomerangs. 

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Our Roaming Photo Booth Rentals are available in DC, Maryland & Virginia

You can now add A I capabilities to any photo booth rental!

Creative Customization Options

Personalize your roaming photo booth for any social theme party or corporate event. You choose the custom design, graphics, or messages and we’ll do the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable options!

Optimized for stills, gifs & boomerangs

The roaming photo booth is a handheld photo booth optimized for quick and easy capture of stills, multi-pose GIFs, and boomerang animations throughout your event!

instant sharing

Our high-quality photo booth technology allows guests to easily capture candid moments with the click of a button. What sets us apart is our focus on instant sharing. Guests can snap a photo and share it instantly on social media, creating a buzz that lasts long after the event ends

Mobile Fun

With this fun and flexible option, photo backdrops become a thing of the past as the booth moves with you. It’s the perfect way to create spontaneous and engaging memories that truly capture the spirit of whatever occasion you’re celebrating.

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